CH. 46 «GML»

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I’ve already been stuck on Earth for two weeks longer than I was supposed to stay. I only gave myself another weekend to see my friends from the road trip, but in doing so I seem to have missed my only chance to get back home to Mars.

Things haven’t been going too well at my father’s company. With our solarwide economic crisis, people just aren’t putting the credits they used to into the luxuries in their lives. The anti-gravity swimming pool industry is taking a hit in places where it’s too expensive to reasonably upkeep a pool, especially if it’s only to have it open 4 months of the year.

He had to abandon having an office center with a storefront and moved into the separate apartment unit he’d built over my mother’s garage years ago. It helped them both since it was much cheaper rent, and those credits went to pay my mom’s bills. It had just been a little strange that both of my parents were back in the same unit, but it had it’s perks. One of which was being able to come downstairs to my kitchen on days when I’d come in and answer vidcalls for a few hours.

It was an unrewarding job, taking vids from creditors and bill collectors all day long. Especially when that meant he didn’t even have enough credits to pay his employees for weeks worth of paychecks at a time. Another hour, another few messages from lawyers taken for my dad, whom I told them wasn’t presently in the office while I looked right at him.

He couldn’t afford to pay for my space fare back to home. He couldn’t afford to pay me for the work I’d done over the past 3 weeks at least. He couldn’t afford to pay my vehicle insurance, which surely has lapsed by now. He couldn’t afford to pay the rent for the apartment I needed to get back to on Mars, which put me in the predicament I’m faced with now.

Today I received an expedited parcel from Witt, my roommate and landlord Mars. It informed me my father’s last transfer was rejected, that my lease would not be renewed at the beginning of the month, and that I was to be evicted if I didn’t pay the full rent, along with retroactive late fees on all the previous months when.

What can I do with no credits and no integrity left in her book? How can I afford to get back in time and take care of all my expenses when I get there? Why does my summer have to fall apart like this just when it was starting to get good? What’s going to happen to all my stuff if she needs to move in someone else? How am I ever going to support myself if I lose everything now?


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PREV: CH. 45 «Back Home»

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NEXT: CH.47 «Still Stuck on Earth»



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