CH. 45 «Back Home»

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I’m home, I’m home!

After two long weeks, I’m finally home! Ok, I’ve been home for a little while now, but there was plenty of recovery necessary. It’s actually been over a month now since I left my meager existance on Mars. I’ll just sum up the past few weeks quickly for you, none of the verbose detail of past transmissions.

The return from the festival was uneventful, spare a wet fiasco with part of the large aft hatch that wouldn’t stay closed during some rain we drove through, nothing that important, though. Ok, so the interior lights won’t turn off now, big deal. At least it doesn’t drain the beast’s battery every time we turn her on.

That next week, after Leona had returned to New Tros, someone else randomly came into town. Shayne Lynoir, the sapphic chemical biologist, was one of the nicer friends I had in high school. We’d begun to rehash things when she came out to visit Mars earlier this spring, seeing if she wanted to go to school at University Mars: Caspian. She had been on Adrastea for the summer, working some well paying chemistry job while she got to enjoy the sights of the canalous capital of Omstel.

She’d come home to Earth for a week to attend a funeral, so she was much relieved she could hang out with someone with whom she could share her new passion for the Fire of Jove. She went into detail about all the hi-grade cultivars she’d been privilege to, some of which I’d known from my Martian Living, others of which I’d never even heard of. She had decided she would definitely choose UMC and a life on Mars over the peace corps or a Jovian school, excited to take advantage of the legality of the green medicine and become a rockstar chemist.

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PREV: CH. 44 «The Festival – Part 2»

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MINK’S BASEMENT 07-02-2309

This is familiar, this is home to me. The fire of Jove and comedy teli… I’m just gonna stay here in Mink’s basement and take some time to…decompress from the festival. I might be here for another week.


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SUN SAILING 07-04-2309

I maintain the assertion that the only reason my father owns a solar sail ship is to impress women he dates. His children should, therefore, be allowed to use it to do the same. So Zech and I planned a bit of a sailing trip to kick off the holiday weekend and got our dad on board. I invited Leona and Brick along, since my roadtrip buddies were in town for the fireworks. My brother invited along some friends, including a really cute Dionian girl he liked. I’m not sure if things quite went to plan after our father gave her the helm…

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FIREWORKS 07-04-2309

Since we met on the road trip, Leona and I have had a little thing going. We’ve been texting and chatting online late at night, and she even came down from New Tros and spent a weekend with me. I think I like her more than just a bit; she’s cute and really intelligent and well traveled – she even speaks fluent Epimethese. She’s the kind of girl I think I could see myself with, maybe I’ll even call her my lovi one day.

Anyway, looking forward to a great evening with Leona and the fireworks!

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