CH.47 «Still Stuck on Earth»

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Why am I here?

Still just waiting to go back to Mars at this point, it seems. It’s almost the end of August and I’m still exactly where I was a month ago. At the very latest, I was supposed to go back at the beginning of this month, that way if I couldn’t get the credits to Witt for rent, I could at least get my stuff out of that apartment before she had a new tenant move in.

That didn’t work out, and now I’m trapped here it seems. I get to say goodbye to all my friends that have kept me happy here on Earth in my plight. Everyone getting on with their responsibilities, taking no longer than a month or two to get the jitters out and back to school or off to work again. All the guys I got to hang out with and all the girls I was hooking up with all summer have retreated back to their lives.

It’s been getting awfully lonely without anyone to play with. There was one girl I had hopes of working things out with, but she disappeared as suddenly as I met her. She’d come to one of my brother’s friend’s parties, knowing fewer people there than I did, and stood out immediately. The skinny bea uty from Mars struck me dead in my tracks, her petite frame wrapped in a tight, leggy dress–all the way up to her big, doey eyes.

Shayne was quite upset with me by the time we’d left the party. She’d had her eyes on the cute girl before I started chatting her up. Shayne reminded me I wouldn’t have ever had a chance if she hadn’t broken the ice for me. All the same, I got her number and Shayne was feeling a little bitter towards me on our drive home. Hopefully my friend will shake the grudge before she moves to Mars in a few weeks…otherwise I may not have any friends to hang out with.

And did we forget about my life on Mars? It definitely seems like I’ve lost the ‘what’ that I had to return to there. My former roommate, Witt, seems to have gotten my replacement lined up. Gerund’s had to do me the favor of getting my possessions from my old place in the small increments she’s let him take without seeing a single credit from me. I don’t really know what I’ll be going back to when I free myself from my Earthly bonds.

I need to go back to Mars, but I’m getting more nervous about it each day that I’m away. The anxiety is near palpable, but I can’t help but wonder if I’m not better off staying here on Earth. Is it too late to save my Martian Dream? I guess the only way to find out is to go back… who knows when that will ever happen.

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PREV: CH. 46 «GML»

PREV: CH. 46 «GML»

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NEXT: CH. 48 «The New Martian Dream»


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