Greetings, Fellow Earthlings!


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‘Lo There, weary traveler!

It’s the dawn of the 24th century and you’ve found yourself in the bustling metropolis of Novus Angelicas… well somewhere in its sprawling suburbs, anyway.. it is an enormous city after all. At any rate, you’re definitely somewhere inside of NA County –Put away your smart communicator; you don’t need it to tell you that this is the ultimest, most happening place in all of the Solar System. Can’t you see it in the street lights, or smell it in the pavement, or feel it on the red sandy wind?

You’re on the world of dreams and opportunity! A planet full of hope!

Welcome to Mars!

-From Is There Life on Mars? (An Earthling’s Tale) 


Peace Out, Earth. 

I was never meant for this world. We’ve known this day was coming; I’m headed back to Mars. I’ve heard opportunity never knocks twice but I’m trying my luck at Life on Mars once again. Perhaps curiosity has gotten the better of me, or maybe I didn’t learn my lesson the first time. As I immerse myself in the fast-paced Martian high-life I’ll continue to share my adventures (though I’m aware I write to a generation that may not read anymore). 

With my trusty droid and faithful feline at my side, I prepare to depart for the red planet. As they call our group to board the rocket I wonder Will I achieve fame and stardom or have I embarked on another mad odyssey across Mars?

-From The Martian Dream (And Other Lies!) 


Artwork of Is There Life on Mars?


CIRCULARCROP-itlomextras000 copy

Artwork, photography and blog created by Kyle O Street. ©2007-’16
Published on 8 July, 2314 at 5:01 PM  Comments (1)  

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  1. You are so cool, Kyle. I have always thought you were one of the coolest people I knew, but now you’ve really outdone yourself.

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