CH. 24 «On the Third Day»

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Tohm woke up two hours later and followed my dance step by step. I heard frantic flicking of a light switch from a dark, hollow bathroom. Furious stomping room to room and the dead click and snap of every button and switch in between. I took delight in the routine, playing possum from my front row seat on the couch, but before he could touch the computer I put an end to his performance.

“They pulled our plug. Everything’s dead. I need you’re help to fix it,” I said as I roused myself a second time.

“You’re kidding, right?” He stared at me knowing half of it was true and tried to determine how much more he wanted to believe.

“I’m not. Put on your shoes and a sweatshirt,” I commanded as I stood up.

“Not so fast, I haven’t even had my coffee yet,” He said coaxing me back down. “I’ll do my part and you do yours,” handing me a charged touchi, “just have the vaporizer ready for me when I get back,” he muttered in a half-awake state. “We still have some left right?” the Earthling asked, suddenly concerned as he stopped in mid step. I hesitantly motioned towards the ash on the table. He simply shook his head as he slipped on sandals and slumped out the front airlock.

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 PREV: CH. 23 «Costa Mensa»

PREV: CH. 23 «Costa Mensa»

NEXT: CH. 25 «Just like Old Mars»

NEXT: CH. 25 «Just like Old Mars»


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