CH. 37 «The Martian Pandemic»

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Swine Flu, Shwine Flu.

I’m sick of seeing it everywhere, hearing it even when my ears are closed. Wash your hands! Be careful, use some sanitizer! Stay indoors. Gork, it goes on and on! I don’t care! Everyone on this planet is slagging bricks and I can’t raise an ounce of alarm.

It’s just a flu. I don’t care if you call it dimetrodon flu, or ptera flu or H1N1, it’s just the gorking flu! People die of the flu every year, but it’s only the really young or really old that need be concerned. We have vaccines for them. So what if there’s been something like 150 people who’ve died during this Martian flu season. They were all living in Martia, in the southern hemisphere; their healthcare is terrible down there. I’m not gonna worry.

Especially because my day already consists of shutting myself up indoors, away from people and public places for as long as I can stand. My only contact with the outside this screen: the way I like it. Since it hardly disrupts my usual routine why should I get my spacesuit in a bunch?

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PREV: CH. 36 «The Screen»

PREV: CH. 36 «The Screen»

NEXT: CH. 38 «How to Plan a Summer Road Trip»

NEXT: CH. 38 «How to Plan a Summer Road Trip»


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