CH. 30 «The Meaning of Friendship»

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I’m not quite sure what friendship is right now, but I’m sure I know what it’s not.

– Friendship isn’t turning to someone to console or hold you, then turning your back on them the first time they may need to be comforted.
– Friendship isn’t saying you’ll return a favor each time, then watching those promises pile up as you ask for more.
– Friendship isn’t bringing down the quality of someone’s life just so you can feel better about your own.
– Friendship isn’t feeling not even a little obliged to be nice to someone who bends over backwards for you.
– Friendship isn’t agreeing to something, then diving through the first loophole to escape the responsibility, no matter how unclear the terms were.
– Friendship isn’t teasing someone with the promise of more than friendship, when leaving them hanging when they take the bait.
– Friendship isn’t lying to someone about not being ready for a relationship to keep them as a friend while you start one with someone else.
– Friendship isn’t keeping someone under your thumb while plotting everyone you’ll sleep with when they’re not around.
– Friendship isn’t hooking up with someone’s friends and then lying about what you did with or how you feel about them.
– Friendship isn’t taking advantage of someone’s feelings for you in order to coerce them to do anything for you.
– Friendship isn’t carelessly disregarding those feelings the second the next best thing comes along to charm it’s way in.
– Friendship isn’t ignoring and avoiding a conversation with someone because you don’t have the balls to tell them how you really feel.
– Friendship isn’t denying someone the common decency of being honest with them after tricking them into see something compassionate and human within you.
– Friendship isn’t saying ‘I Love You’ to someone one day, then neglecting to talk to them the next.
– Friendship isn’t making someone have to come up with a list like this in the first place.

Friendship isn’t liking the thought of never hearing from or seeing you again, but this has hardly been a real friendship, hun.

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