CH. 28 «Women are like Lighters»



They come and go so easily. One nano you have them, and the next they disappear in a cloud of smoke. You always get upset when you see another guy holding your lighter, and you always know when its your lighter. Sometimes we make marks in lighters or decorate them to let everyone know that their ours.

You can find them just about anywhere, always at bars and clubs and sometimes, if you’re desperate and have a few credits, down at the right store. Sometimes finding one is as simple as leaving the unit.

You have to grasp the fact that if you can get a lighter you can lose it just as easily. No matter how much you like it or how well it works out for you or seems to make everything easier, you’re going to lose her. You have to realize that even if it can keep you warm for a little while, eventually you’ll have to get a new one when she runs out.

But it doesn’t really pay to weep over the loss of a lighter. You’ll both get along just fine without each other.

circularcrop-itlom042-chapter-womenarelikelighters copy

PREV: CH. 27 «The Thing with Amazonians»

PREV: CH. 27 «The Thing with Amazonians»

NEXT: CH. 29 «Eviction Party»

NEXT: CH. 29 «Eviction Party»


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