Welcome to Mars!

     It’s the dawn of the 24th century, and you’ve found yourself in the bustling metropolis of Novus Angelicas…well somewhere in its sprawling suburbs, anyway..it is an enormous city afterall. At any rate, you’re definitely somewhere inside of NA County–put away your smart phone; you don’t need it to tell you that this is the ultimest, most happening place in all of the Solar system. Can’t you see it in the street lights, or smell it in the pavement, or feel it on the red sandy wind? You’re on the world of dreams and opportunity. A planet full of hope. 
     You’re on Mars
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“…He shrugged and picked up one of the whole squid-things with a pair of chopsticks and stuck it in his mouth headfirst. Upon biting into it, its tendrils began to move and wriggle, and in shock and disgust John spit out the living creature. He then received similar looks of shock and disgust from around the table, but at the taste he he left in everyone’s mouths. ‘I-I’ve got weak teeth,’ he came up with quickly, but no one bought it.

“Afterwards, I took John aside and scolded him about rejecting their food. Told him no matter how vile or disgusting of a spread he had to treat it like it was the most tender delicacy he had ever put to his pallet. ‘We gotta prove to these guys that Earthlings aren’t tasteless, uncultured insects,’ I recall saying.

“Well, I also I recall making the mistake of inviting Jon to come with me to Venus. …”

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“…A lump of scientifically engineered silicon, wire and plastic sat stoic on the sill. Its telescoping eye stared eerily at me catching the reflection of my hand. I felt relieved when it didn’t jump or wriggle or squirm in my grasp, it was just sterile piece of cold plastic in my hands. Thumbing the power button, the device sprung to life for a nano before fading again, “Low Battery” flashing in red before everything disappeared. I sighed aloud…”

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“… I’ve often found myself being asked “why did you ever move to Mars?” and felt it hard to answer so simply. There were many motivating factors for me to come here. I could tell you it’s because I wanted to be a successful artist or pull the actor card and say I was here to claim the stardom I deserved. Another excuse I have is would involve using the cannabis agenda, having arrived on the heels of the Martian Green Rush. But I must admit the greatest fuel to my dreams has been Martian girls. For a century now, 2D and 3D movis have been trying to capture the beauty and mystique of the Femme Mars; particularly girls from Amazonia. Long blonde hair, bare tan bodies and enough baggage to weigh down a star-cruiser. …”



“…For the record: I never believed Mars completed terraforming before everyone Headed Outwards. I still maintain the opinion that this desolate rock is as dead as our Earth will soon be. No matter how much we’ve tried to transform the face of this planet, we can only make it appear like home. It’s just a front. At its core, the planet is cold and silent. Mars could never support life the way Earth can, and anything that tries to convince you otherwise is part of a masterfully crafted illusion. Novus Angelicas is in the business of suspending our disbelief…”


«LETTING GO» 03-11-2308

“…I turned my heart cold and lit a Martian Spirit as I began to walk away, wishing I could just smolder away into nothing like the glowing orange end in front of me. I looked back over my shoulder and could only make out the black lump of my Freddy’s coat in the bushes, her shining eyes catching a last glint of light from the city far below, and then she was gone from sight. On the long walk back to the crawler I kept looking over my shoulder at every rustle the wind blew through the leaves, every snap or every scrape of gravel from the road beneath my feet, wondering if they had followed me down the trail. I was glad they didn’t, comforted to think they’d never make their way down to the road, better to be further away from any dangers. I hoped they would enjoy their new home. When I finally got to my crawler I lit another cigi and began the slowly burning, lonely journey back down the hill and home…”

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“…I had bought the pack at the filling station in desperation, not able to pick out any other familiar brands from all of the foreign labels in the nicotine bookcase behind the counter. I recognized these right away, they had been popular with hip kids back on Earth who were trying to be green or just trendy, the “healthy” cigis boasting liberation from pesticides and other additives–and from any discernible taste. I personally thought these pre-fab’d cigis were bland and took larger lungs to drag, and they take too long to burn in the blasted wind. …”



“…An important part of the NA Experience: the chance to watch movistars walking their squogs down the streets or catching musicians nomming at late night diners. It seems like every actor and artist who’s anything in the Solar System makes their residence in Novus Angelicas. … This city’s name is synonymous with stardom and fame. It’s also often mentioned in the same sentence as false hope and trap. NA is a city in the business of dreams, whether they come true or not…”


«NOT OF THIS WORLD» 02-22-2308

“…I came to this planet just to be disappointed thus far, but I’m not willing to give up hope on the decency of the Martian people. I may have just chosen a dull place to live first, too close to the barren wastes… …I still have yet to find the Mars of my dreams, but I’ve only just begun my search, and I’m closer now than I’ve ever been in my little human life…”

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About Is There Life on Mars? by Kyle O Street

Science Fiction / Memoir

An Earthling’s story of living on Mars, told through collected journal entries and transmissions back to Earth. Follow the tale of Klay Lane as he pursues the Martian Dream, battles the challenges of our technological society, and desperately avoids another potentially boring evening on the world of opportunity. Revel in his adventure, marvel in his mischief, and maybe learn a lesson or two to help you survive the modern wasteland.

Is There Life on Mars? By Kyle O Street is a Science Fiction themed satire of the American Dream, California, and the social struggles of a world becoming more futuristic each day. Taking place on the planet Mars, it chronicles the life of the author during his search for fame and fortune in the land of dreams, and the odyssey that ensued in their pursuit. Is There Life on Mars? is a modern epic for a generation losing itself to vanity, greed and consumerism which could benefit from a critical examination of what makes us believe we are different and what it means to be human.

Artwork, photography and blog created by Kyle O Street. ©2007-’15

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  1. You are so cool, Kyle. I have always thought you were one of the coolest people I knew, but now you’ve really outdone yourself.

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