Welcome to Mars!

     It’s the dawn of the 24th century, and you’ve found yourself in the bustling metropolis of Novus Angelicas…well somewhere in its sprawling suburbs, anyway..it is an enormous city afterall. At any rate, you’re definitely somewhere inside of NA County–put away your smart phone; you don’t need it to tell you that this is the ultimest, most happening place in all of the Solar system. Can’t you see it in the street lights, or smell it in the pavement, or feel it on the red sandy wind? You’re on the world of dreams and opportunity. A planet full of hope. 
     You’re on Mars
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 «Not of this World» – 02-22-2308

“…I came to Mars almost a year and a half ago, and overall I’ve observed that there’s really not that much different from Earth, or at least where I grew up. Plastic money and plastic bodies, classy transportation, with a glamorous facade of artificial emotions to accessorize; Fake People. Pretty much synthetic everything including friendship so, even if there weren’t any palm trees back home, I should be used to the post-suburban Olympus County. Still though, on cold nights when the Tharsis winds whip up and the sun retreats behind the burning orange coast, it feels very alien and alone. Even if the greenbacks next door manage to keep the empty skies filled with awful music all night. …”

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«The Screen» – 04-08-2309

“…Walking home last night, it was about 6 or 7 when I saw this girl on the other side of the street watching a video on her touchi. As we both pressed buttons on either side of the crosswalk, I caught her take a peek at me, then quickly return her attention to whatever she was watching on a screen that took up the entire side of her phone. As we passed each other in the middle, she focused as hard as she could on the digital image, intent on pretending I wasn’t there.

I shook my head to myself as I reached the other side. …”

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((Disconnection)) 09/23/2313

“…And you call yourself connected. The reason you feel so unsatisfied, unfulfilled and restless is because in all your life you’ve never been further from what you’re supposed to be connected to. Every living plant and creature around you is part of an ancient network we’ve recently selected to ignore. It’s something that’s guided and nurtured us as a race for millennia that we’ve collectively turned a deaf ear to. …”

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((Just to Get By)) – 09/03/2313

“…You have to drive a brand new skipper, no lesser vehicle will do. You have to buy this season’s trendy clothes and get an expensive haircut to match. You have to get overpriced hair and face and beauty products to keep yourself looking good, ‘cause it’s all about looking good. …”

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About Is There Life on Mars? by Kyle O Street

Science Fiction / Memoir

An Earthling’s story of living on Mars, told through collected journal entries and transmissions back to Earth. Follow the tale of Klay Lane as he pursues the Martian Dream, battles the challenges of our technological society, and desperately avoids another potentially boring evening on the world of opportunity. Revel in his adventure, marvel in his mischief, and maybe learn a lesson or two to help you survive the modern wasteland.

Is There Life on Mars? By Kyle O Street is a Science Fiction themed satire of the American Dream, California, and the social struggles of a world becoming more futuristic each day. Taking place on the planet Mars, it chronicles the life of the author during his search for fame and fortune in the land of dreams, and the odyssey that ensued in their pursuit. Is There Life on Mars? is a modern epic for a generation losing itself to vanity, greed and consumerism which could benefit from a critical examination of what makes us believe we are different and what it means to be human.

Artwork, photography and blog created by Kyle O Street. ©2007-’15
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